The Fundamentals of Agile: Beginner's Crash Course

Learn how to get better results and happier customers by empowering your people. Proven strategies, real-life examples.

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What you will learn

Learning about what agile ways of organizing work actually means can seem like an absolutely overwhelming task with the abundance of information available. In creating this course we have spent thousands of hours of studies and practice to distill the essence of agile ways of working. It is a fundamental and time-saving starting point for your agile journey.

Learn The Basics Of Agile Ways Of Working Quickly With This Well-researched Course

  • Learn what an agile mindset actually means 
  • Recognize the drivers calling for more flexible organizations  
  • Get the essence of agile values and principles  
  • Learn the basics of different agile frameworks  
  • Build your confidence to implement agile methods with your team  
  • Learn from real-life success stories of implementing agile practices  
  • Discover how people-centric approaches get you better results  
  • Learn to create the conditions you need for an agile transformation to succeed  
  • Recognize how the customer focus in agile projects leads to happier customers

Agile Is So Much More Than A Buzzword - It Is A Proven People-centric Approach Making Organizations Around The World More Flexible And Profitable
The agile approach is used by thousands of organizations around the world to transform top-down hierarchical, bureaucratic organizations into learning, adaptable and high-performing organisms with self-managing teams and empowered employees.  

Since its origins some twenty years ago, the agile way of organizing work has grown from being used only within the software and IT world. Today it has spread to other industries such as healthcare, manufacturing and banking. One of the real differences with agile methods lies in project execution, putting the customer in focus throughout the whole process.  

Many people have been led to believe that the success of companies such as Spotify, Google and Amazon is down to their technological advantage. More and more studies now reveal that it is instead their agile ways of deploying work that makes the difference.  

We designed this course for you to get a fundamental understanding of agile work methodologies.  

We had lots of fun creating the course and hope you will have that too when you study it. We have included over 30 video lectures, 10 downloadable resources and 7 assignments to make the course easy to apply.  

We’ll learn about how the world today is much more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, and how that drives the call for change and more flexible organizations like never before. We’ll cover what an agile, growth mindset actually means and how it is different from a fixed mindset. Then we will help you get an understanding of the four agile values and 12 principles that guide agile efforts.  

There are a bunch of agile frameworks to put agile into action. It can seem overwhelming with this jungle, but we will sort you out with brief descriptions of the most common ones. As well as a more in depth look at four of them.  

You will learn how you as a leader can use people-centric approaches to empower your people and drive results. We hope to inspire you with some great real-life success stories from organizations that have implemented agile practices. They sure inspire us!  

Making an agile transformation is not always easy. To make sure you can take your first steps to using agile ways of working we have a dedicated section about what conditions are needed for an agile transformation to succeed, and how you can create them.  

Still not convinced?  

Some time back when we started our mutual agile journey, Ingela was somewhat of an agile enthusiast after studying the subject extensively. Markus was a successful instructor on Udemy with several highly appreciated courses and thousands of students in hundreds of countries, but had no clue what agile actually was. We have used this combination of experience and newbie to create what we believe is the definite entry guide to the agile world.  

We strongly believe that agile, people-centric approaches bring out the very best in people. It leads to more successful organizations and higher customer satisfaction. You will walk away from this course with a deeper understanding of this concept and the fundamental tools to start your agile journey.

Course Curriculum

Markus Amanto

Markus Amanto is a well renowned author, speaker and trainer from Sweden. He has worked with improving leaders, teams and organizations in Asia, Europe and North America for over 25 years.

His books include "The Leadership School - Who's Really in the Driver's Seat" and "The Basics of Group Dynamics" (currently available in Swedish only).

He has held multiple positions as a manager. When he worked as a sales representative he built a sales team of over 400 people spanning the Nordic countries.

He started his own consulting business in 1998 and has worked as a certified trainer for UGL-trainings for several years. He is also a certified user of SDI® (Strength Deployment Inventory). He is also trained in emotional debriefing, psychosynthesis and has also participated in Anthony Robbins Mastery University.

Clients have included The University of Stockholm, Nasdaq, Kongsberg Automotive, Pitney Bowes, Tetra Pak, AstraZeneca, KPMG, ALMI and International Council of Swedish Industry (NIR).

Markus is fluent in Swedish, English, Finnish and Spanish. He is also able to communicate well in Danish and Norwegian.

Ingela Moene

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